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    I have, what I think is a very cool idea for a new business I’m calling Repair-Share.  I’ve put it out there and I’m talking about it to people.   People are responding enthusiastically to the concept, but that is just the start.  As I work on it and begin to develop the idea, I’m making more and more decisions, based on assumptions.  That’s the way it works, you have an idea, develop a business model around it usually with some knowledge of the industry and using existing models.  You launch it, then tweak it as you go.

    This one is a pretty new idea so the models are still being developed.  This makes it exciting and it means we have to be very creative – bonus!

    It also makes it scarier, because a few wrong assumptions in the beginning can have us heading off in very wrong or worse, irrelevant directions.

    This has had me turning around in circles for a month or so as I try to work through these things.  One of my friends messaged me asking how I was doing with it.  I mumbled (yes you can mumble with text) something non-committal.

    He asked if it would help if he were involved.  He asked if there were others who might be interested that we could invite together and start hashing this out. I thought about it and realized that, yes other people have said they are interested in helping to get it going.

    This has never happened to me before – where I come up with a business idea and people like it so much they want to get involved helping me to get it going.  Pause for a moment and think about that.

    We had that meeting yesterday.  The conclusion we reached was that gathering a small community together now to act as testers and feedbackers would get us to the best answers fastest.  We want to co-create with the community who will use this service.  Really, we want to co-create with a bigger group than we are co-creating with now.

    I’ve started a blog here to explore some of the ideas and to hopefully get people talking.

    I have started an online community on the Ning platform.  This is where we are having the initial co-creation conversations and will likely become the home of Repair-Share.   It is a closed community so if you would like an invitation to join the co-creation team, message me with your email.

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