• Where is Your Data?

    My home computer crashed last week.  Yesterday, I was at a client’s place and their admin computer crashed.  (Not if, but when, right?)

    So far, I only seem to have lost one doc.  It was my reading list, a private doc, although I post it every month (except maybe this one), so it was the only thing not backed up elsewhere.  There are probably lots of other bits I’ve downloaded over the years, but I will either be able to get them again, or I won’t remember them, so it doesn’t really matter.  I haven’t tried to read the hard drive, yet.  It’s very likely all on there.

    As for my client, all their info was on a server.  They just plugged in their new computer, set it up and away they went again.

    There’s no excuse anymore for losing data when your computer crashes.

    PC World has an indepth look at backing up, including different strategies for different reasons.


    Lifehacker has a summary article including links for further information in other articles.


    It’s great to have that peace of mind knowing my data is safe.  What about you?  What if you lost a computer?

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