• Successful Business – Defined

    A successful business


    clear benefits to a defined group of eager people easily and profitably


    gives a Clear Benefit

    to a Defined Group

    of Eager People




    You get to define what a successful business is. Does your business feed you? Financially, yes, but creatively and energetically? Are you proud of your business? Does your business help you in living your Good Life?

    Clear Benefit – People have a problem they want fixed and you have a solution. They know what to expect and they are not disappointed, in fact, they are delighted.

    Defined Group – These are people you know and love. You have an affinity with them. You feel for them and you know their pains and their joys. Most importantly, you know who they are.

    Eager People – They need and/or want what you offer. Further, they are motivated to make the changes that your solution offers.

    Easily – This means working from your strengths and with the help and support you need. This isn’t supposed to be hard. It is the things that you do easily that others need the most.

    Profitably – Your profit should be more than you need so you have capacity to grow, give more and focus on what’s important. If it isn’t yet, keep adding value and increasing the price until it is.

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