• Delivering Happiness: a path to profits, passion and purpose

    By Tony Hsieh

    If you have a business, are interested in happiness, or like to read well written and entertaining books, then you should read this book.  It feels like Tony is sitting in a bar with you and telling you a couple of great stories in answer to your questions.

    He makes it sound so easy; I mean that in a good way.

    The book is divided into 3 sections.  Profits is about the early years and Tony’s first forays into entrepreneurship with the attendant lessons.

    Profits and Passion is about the growth of Zappos.  He tells the stories of growing pains and problems.  The biggest lesson he demonstrates is to face the problems squarely and do the work until they are fixed the way you want them to be.

    Profits, Passion and Purpose is about the maturity of the company.  It’s the story of a business making the transition from start up to growth.  He talks about the importance of Zappos’ culture and values in their ability to make it to a $!B company.

    I read this book over one weekend.  I hit the pause button on another book to do it and I’m really glad.  I am taking my current business up a notch by opening a second office and hiring more staff.  I am opening a second business that is a service business needing a staff and strategic alliances with other local businesses.  This book couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

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  1. Mathew Welsh says:

    Sounds like a great book. There are so many business books out there, and as a small business operator myself, it’s hard to know which ones deserve one’s time.

    I recommend as well, by Jim Collins, “Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap and others don’t”

    It deals mainly with larger companies, but the lessons apply to small as well.

    An interesting point I got from that one is: Hire great people, then see where it takes you. Just made a great hire, and so far so good…

  2. That’s a great lesson. Good people are hard to find and they are like gold when you get them. Good Luck and if there is any way I can help you, let me know.