• 100 Day Project

    There are 100 days between today, 14 September and 20 December (the day I typically stop for the holidays (I am a mother of 4)).

    If I don’t do things differently, nothing will change and I want things to step up a notch here.  Starting today I am doing one thing to move each of the 3 projects forward every day.

    Crystal Clear Bookkeeping

    I started out thinking in terms of the number of staff and how many more I want to add.  But I realize that is thinking about it backwards.  It’s not about us.  It’s about who we serve and how we can deliver on our promise of making bookkeeping and business clearer.

    The Business Owners Success Club

    We have used it to advance a few businesses.  It uses two very powerful concepts – continual, deliberate improvement; and working within a group.  I am resisting putting together a ‘program’ of improvement for several reasons.  1. I want to play along and I want to work on what my business needs, not on what I think it might need in 6 or 8 or 12 months from now. 2. Most entrepreneurs are just-in-time learners.  We are not interested in taking time out to learn something even if we know we will need it for the future. 3. It really isn’t so much about the knowledge as it is about the entrepreneur.  Someone told me they thought most businesses fail because the business owner gave up.  It’s an interesting idea and I would add that sometimes they give up because they don’t know what to do to dig out of the hole they are in.


    The pieces are falling into place, the partnerships are building.  People are quite excited about the concept.  At this point it’s about developing the story and sharing it.

    For today, I’m working on a client welcome package for CCBL (this will clarify what we need for the website redesign and for our customer service training in-house); working on revenue streams for BOSC (it’s not a business without them and we’ll need revenue to pull in some resources); and putting together a community project for R-S.

    Deep breath! Go!

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