• Running in the Background

    There’s what we are doing.

    Then there is what’s running in the background.

    Running in the background can mean things we have initiated and are happening, but without our direct input.  Like when you send an email asking for more information or you are waiting for someone else on the team to finish their task, before you can move ahead with the next part.  You start something and it chugs along without you.

    It can be things we are letting stew.  Maybe it needs more thought or more information or the right conversation to make all the pieces fall together properly.

    It can be what’s in the back of your mind.  For instance, when you are working, talking to people and living your life, but still constantly thinking about your coming wedding, the trip you are planning, the argument you are having with your kid etc.  You aren’t always thinking about it, but it’s there.  We’ve all done this at times.

    It can be the novel you are reading, last night’s tv show, the latest gossip you have heard or you can be formulating how you will share that latest gossip, tv show and novel.

    It can be figuring out how you will <insert latest project>.

    It can be that you are working with a meta-view.  You are doing your work and at the same time, thinking about the process of it.  You are meeting with a customer and thinking about ways to serve them better.  You are putting out a fire and thinking about how to make sure it won’t happen again.

    You have a choice about what is running in the background.  There’s a huge value for you in using what is running in the background to help you rather than squandering it.

    A word of caution – it can easily take you out of the here and now, so be selective about diving in too deeply.  Unless, of course, the here and now is less than riveting.  I hope it’s not your job that’s less than riveting.

    PS this is how you can take baby steps towards working on your business.

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