• You’re Stronger than you Think

    We talked about you. Now we’re talking about business models and and building a business around your strengths.

    What is it about the hidden talent meme that fascinates us? We get a true thrill when someone pulls out a talent that saves the day. It’s part of the appeal of video games – you choose the talents and skills of your player, in anticipation of the coming challenges.

    There’s something almost magical about coming up against a challenge and finding a means we didn’t know we had to overcome it. A gift for writing a persuasive argument; the ability to rally others when the deadline approaches; the optimism to carry on even if the cause looks lost.

    Then – oh the feeling of power knowing we can take on anything we want. Tinged with that small amount of regret for the times we let go and didn’t dig in to make it happen.

    Always remember you have way more in you than you think you do and you can accomplish much, much more than you think you can.

    Here we go on an epic journey together to making the best business and the best life we can.
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