• Designing a business that plays to your strengths

    Would you rather work with people one to one or in groups or work alone?
    Do you prefer working with words, numbers, sounds or pictures?
    What do your best days look like?
    What are the days you look forward to?
    What days sap all your energy?
    Do you like routine or novelty? (think about your best days)
    Do you like working at a desk? Outside? On the move?
    Do you prefer modern, classical, or comfortable settings?

    When your friends come to you for help, what is it they need from you?
    What do you do well and easily?
    What could you spend all day reading, talking and learn about?
    What are you doing when you are in your element?

    I spent today alone at my computer researching and writing with a little cleaning and chicken care thrown in.
    Tonight I’m headed to a public meeting to discuss Community Economic Development.

    Perfect day for me.
    What about you? How can you spend your days so you love most of what you do?

    Here we go on an epic journey together to making the best business and the best life we can.
    The business owners success club brings business owners together to help each other. Who else do you know who could benefit and who could add to the conversation? http://businessownerssuccessclub.com/

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