• June is ASK Month

    It’s amazing what happens when you ask.

    You receive.

    The hero figure of our cultures works alone. He or she comes up against a huge problem, then goes away to figure it out on their own. They come back in a blaze and overcome the problem. If there is help, the helper is not one the other known characters. They are usually another loner who melts back into the background.

    And it is fueled by fear. You ask someone for help and What if the other person doesn’t care as much as I do? What if the way they do it is different than my way? What if they are an axe murderer?

    No wonder we think we have to do it all on our own.

    But we are rejecting that idea. More and more stories are unfolding of collaboration and cooperation. They aren’t as sexy, nor as titillating as the stories about asks gone wrong so we don’t hear about them as much. They are there. Look at Crowd funding and the explosion of peer to peer exchange – Airbnb, Uber, car sharing, freelancing. People are asking and getting the help, resources and things they need.

    Look at the Avengers. A group of super hero fighters all angsty, moody and trying to do it on their own. In the end they all have to overcome their lonerness to win the day by cooperating – even Tony Stark. These are the new heroes.

    It’s a whole new world of working together.

    June is ASK month. We will explore the concept of ASKing more and deeper. Sign up for the newsletter to play along or join the Business Owners Success Club and use the power of online connection to make your business better one month at a time.


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