• Building Tribes

    This is a longer post to, hopefully, make up for not posting more this week. I’ll keep trying to post 5 days a week.

    What is a tribe?
    A tribe is a group of people who like the same things you do. They can be an existing, fully-formed group or you can attract a group of people around something you start.

    • By being here, you are part of the Business Owners Success Club, a BOSCer – a small, self-selecting group.
    • All my bookkeeping clients are part of the Crystal Clear tribe.
    • I belong to the Triiibe that Seth Godin started 2 ½ years ago when he published the book Tribes. I am also part of an international, online bookclub which is a subtribe of Triiibes.

    All of these tribes have changed my life, the people in them have shared their ideas, they have encouraged me to grow and take on challenges I would never have dreamt of.

    Why bother?
    Your tribe are into the same things you are. They speak your language. They all have different viewpoints and lenses. They are the same but different from you. That creates an opportunity for you.

    • You can find out what they want and provide it.
    • You can find out what they like or use and get it, too.
    • You get encouragement and models to do what you and they want to do.

    How do you enable a tribe?

    1. There needs to be a theme or reason around which people can gather
    2. There needs to be an outside and an inside
    3. There needs to be a way for people to talk to each other
    4. There needs to be value

    A crash course in tribes and their care and feeding:

    Seth’s TED talk about Tribes

    Tribe Management

    Tribe Leadership

    The New Marketing

    There is no Tribe of Normal

    Secret of Great Blogs

    I love this video.

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