• What if Small Business Were Fun and Easy

    I’ve been thinking, and that’s always a dangerous thing. If we’ve been doing small business for a million years since the first people traded fish for rabbits or salt for apples; and there are a billion small businesses on the planet right now; why do we all feel alone and overhelmed? Why do we feel like we have to reinvent the way to do it?

    Why do so many businesses fail? Why do we feel like we are never doing enough, or the right things?

    Could it be that we expect too much of small business owners?

    Small business owners are expected to wear all the hats.

    What if…
    What if a couple of small businesses get together and shared the work. The numbers person did numbers for all of them, the marketing person did marketing for all of them and the people person did all the hiring for all of them?

    What if a small business were really a group?

    What if we each worked with our strengths?

    What if we worked as a team?

    What if it were fun and easy?

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